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PI.EXCHANGE is an end-to-end machine-learning tool that allows users to go from raw data to prediction in minutes, with no coding required.

It offers smart data preparation, advanced AI services, model development, data security and privacy, and deployment and integration. The Engine is accessible to all users, including data scientists, marketers, software engineers, data analysts, and entrepreneurs.

It can be used across various industries, such as manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, retail, banking, and financial services.


  • Smart Data Preparation: Easily upload and get your data machine learning-ready with repeatable data preparation recipes and great data visualizations to understand your data.
  • Advanced AI Services: Accessible machine learning for projects big or small, across industries.
  • Model Development: Be recommended the optimal models given what you want to solve, simply select the type of problem you wish to solve, then let the Engine recommend features and algorithms to suit.
  • Data Security & Privacy: Ensures data security and privacy.
  • Deployment & Integration: Make predictions within the Engine or route the output where you need it.
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