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MediCodio is an AI-powered medical coding assistant that optimizes workflows, improves accuracy, and ensures better payer outcomes. It retrieves patient chart data from EHR, suggests medical codes, and sends selected code data to claim and billing systems.

Codio improves over time with machine learning and supports 15 specialties and multiple integrations. The platform is HIPAA compliant, shortens coding turnaround time, and increases productivity by up to 45%.

Codio is loved by hospitals, billers, and coders and is available as a turnkey solution for hospitals and billing centers.

MediCodio Features

  • AI-powered medical coding assistant: Codio optimizes workflows and suggests medical codes for better payer outcomes, with up to 45% faster processes and 85% more accuracy.
  • Supported specialties: Codio supports 15 specialties and integrates with any EHR or billing system.
  • MCaaS for hospitals and billing centers: Codio offers a turnkey solution for end-to-end medical coding needs, with world-class medical coders and AI expertise.
  • Versatility and multi-specialty support: Codio brings multi-specialty support and multiple integrations for streamlined medical coding processes.
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