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Meta to launch AI chatbots played by Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner

The Guardian (9 months ago)
Host of celebrities to embody new assistants aimed at increasing young people’s interaction with AI (Read More...)

OpenAI Employee Discovers Eliza Effect, Gets Emotional

Gizmodo (9 months ago)
ChatGPT's new text-to-voice feature has one OpenAI's head of safety systems feeling "heard & warm" while other experiments with AI therapy have been a disaster. (Read More...)

ChatGPT can now access up to date information

BBC News (9 months ago)
The chatbot's knowledge previously only included data up to September 2021, but not any more. (Read More...)

Pioneering AI Technique to Measure Brain Fluid Flow Opens New Avenues for Alzheimer's Treatment

Unite.AI (a year ago)
Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to break new ground in healthcare research, and the latest advancement promises to enhance our understanding of brain diseases. A multidisciplinary team from the University of Rochester has developed a novel AI-based (Read More...)

Archaeologists use artificial intelligence (AI) to translate 5,000-year-old cuneiform tablets

HeritageDaily (a year ago)
A team of archaeologists and computer scientists have created an AI program that can translate ancient cuneiform tablets instantly using neural machine learning translations. (Read More...)

100K ChatGPT logins have been leaked on dark web, cybersecurity firm warns

Cointelegraph (a year ago)
Login credentials for OpenAI’s ChatGPT have flooded the dark web, with over 100,000 being put online in the past 12 months according to cybersecurity firm Group-IB. (Read More...)

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A.I. is now the biggest spend for nearly 50% of top tech executives across the economy: CNBC survey

CNBC (a year ago)
Close to half of CISOs and CTOs from pharma to utilities say AI is now their biggest spend, according to the latest CNBC Technology Executive Council survey. (Read More...)

New feature alert: Midjourney v5.2 is out!

Dataconomy (a year ago)
New feature alert: Midjourney v5.2 is out! (Read More...)

The people paid to train AI are outsourcing their work… to AI

MIT Technology Review (a year ago)
It’s a practice that could introduce further errors into already error-prone models. (Read More...)

AWS is investing $100 million in generative A.I. center in race to keep up with Microsoft and Google

CNBC (a year ago)
Amazon's cloud unit wants to show investors that it's committed to generative artificial intelligence after blockbuster announcements from rivals. (Read More...)

YouTube is getting AI-powered dubbing

The Verge (a year ago)
Tech from Aloud could make dubbing an easier process. (Read More...)

Schumer launches new phase in push for AI bill

POLITICO (a year ago)
The Senate majority leader’s “SAFE Innovation framework” sketches out a rough legislative plan on AI — and suggests tech companies could get goodies as well as guardrails from Congress. (Read More...)

Wimbledon to introduce AI-powered commentary to coverage this year

The Guardian (a year ago)
All England Club teams up with IBM to offer AI-generated audio commentary and captions in online highlights clips (Read More...)

‘Secret Invasion’ Opening Credits Generated By AI, Prompting Backlash From Audiences

Deadline (a year ago)
Marvel’s Secret Invasion is already causing a commotion on social media, though not for reasons that the studio may have hoped. The series, which debuted on Wednesday with just one episode, h… (Read More...)

UK must seize opportunities of AI to remain a tech capital, Sunak says

Reuters (a year ago)
Britain must act quickly to remain a tech capital, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will tell tech leaders on Monday, urging them to grasp the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence. (Read More...)