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Lumiere 3D is a browser-based, no-code platform that allows users to create stunning 3D product videos in just a few clicks. With unique, dynamic, and personalized effects, Lumiere 3D can transform ordinary objects into breathtaking 3D masterpieces that captivate audiences.

Lumiere 3D also features AI scanning technology, an AI music generator, and an AI operator for dynamic camera movements and seamless transitions. Lumiere 3D is perfect for showcasing cosmetics, electronics, shoes, and more. Join now to turn your marketing ideas into reality with Lumiere 3D.

Lumiere3D Features

  • No downloads, no-code - all in the browser: Lumiere3D is a browser-based, no-code platform that allows users to create 3D product videos without any downloads.
  • 3D Product Videos in Minutes: Users can sign up and create product animation videos with Lumiere3D's intuitive video editor in just a few clicks.
  • Revolutionary AI Scanning Technology: Lumiere3D's AI scanning technology can transform any object into a virtual 3D masterpiece that comes to life before your very eyes.
  • 3D Environment: Lumiere3D's 3D environment allows users to create a playground for their product that's bursting with cinematic magic and engages customers' senses.
  • AI Music Generator: Lumiere3D's AI Music Generator allows users to create royalty-free background music for their product videos without any musical background.
  • Easy to Use: Lumiere3D is easy to use and provides all the tools necessary to create engaging product videos that capture customers' attention.
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