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SteosVoice is an AI-powered platform that provides synthesized speech for creators, businesses, and media. It offers voice localization for YouTube videos, voice messages for patrons, mods, audiobooks, and podcasts. The platform allows users to monetize their voice, create unique content, and generate audio for various use cases. SteosVoice plans to release a new architecture that will enable audio synthesis with any voice in multiple languages, and allow users to customize and create new voices.

SteosVoice Features

  • YouTube localization: Create videos in non-native languages
  • Voice messages for patrons: Congratulate patrons with various voices
  • Mods: Voiceover for game mods and new quests
  • Audiobooks and podcasts: Create audio content easily
  • Telegram Bot: Free speech synthesis for up to 5000 characters daily
  • Monetize your voice: License digital versions of your voice and earn passive income
  • API: Flexibly customize and create new voices
  • Donate on Boosty and support us: Support SteosVoice development
  • Donate on Patreon and support us: Support SteosVoice development
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Stay updated on SteosVoice news and updates
  • Artificial General Intelligence laboratory: SteosVoice technology developed by Mind Simulation AGI laboratory
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