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Introducing Noa.AI - the first platform to offer AI-powered coaching techniques tailored to you. Reduce stress, be happier, and more productive with Noa Coach. Ask Noa AI provides quick answers and simple conversations to help you feel relaxed and stay focused, while Reset helps you manage challenging moments at work and provides a pathway to enhanced wellbeing. Join Tribe, a global forum where you can chat with like-minded people, share ideas, and support each other. Start your 7-day free trial today and unlock your full potential with Noa.AI.

Noa Coach Ai Features

  • Noa Coach: The platform offers AI-powered coaching techniques designed to reduce stress, increase productivity, and enhance wellbeing.
  • Ask Noa AI: A feature that allows users to seek AI-powered coaching advice, ask questions, chat, and find solutions to problems in the workplace and in life.
  • Insights: Automated coaching that helps users quickly get to the core of any challenging issue in their world.
  • Habits: Deep dive into your habit-setting world, with Noa guiding users through their brain-friendly methodology to strive towards positive behavioural changes.
  • Reset: Designed to quickly reset your mind through stressful, emotional, or confidence-killing moments, acting as a mastermind coach to support rapid mindset shifts.
  • Tribe: An online tribal community where users can connect with like-minded people, sharing ideas and supporting each other in a fun, authentic, and safe environment.
  • Notes: A confidential and accessible space to store habits, chats, and personal insights, allowing users to track their mental and physical progress.
  • Knowledge: Provides access to on-demand webinars and wellbeing challenges based on the latest neuroscience to enhance productivity, focus, and wellbeing.
  • Noa Coach for Enterprise: A platform that enables leaders to understand the real issues facing their people; showing employees that their concerns are heard and have been addressed.
  • Neuroscientific Approach: The platform uses the latest in emotional and behavioural neuroscience, as well as the best coaching frameworks to deliver its chat solutions.
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