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LoopCV is a job search platform that helps individuals, freelancers, businesses, and universities find their dream jobs with minimum effort. Its unique features include auto and one-click apply, dynamic emails, CV improvements, job matching, and filtering.

LoopCV also offers resume parsing, lead scoring, and email finder. Its advanced filters, keyword search, and company exclusion options help job seekers apply only to jobs that match their qualifications.

With LoopCV, users can organize their job search and view statistics for each loop.

LoopCV Features

  • Auto apply: Automates the job application process by either sending emails to companies or auto-filling job application forms.
  • One click apply: Allows users to apply to jobs with just one click.
  • Organize your search: Provides advanced filters, keyword search, and company exclusion to help users find jobs they really like.
  • Dynamic Emails: Sends personalized emails to companies on behalf of the user.
  • CV Improvements: Offers suggestions to improve the user's CV.
  • Exclude Companies: Allows users to exclude specific companies from their job search.
  • Job Matching: Matches jobseekers with relevant job openings.
  • Job Filtering: Filters job search results based on user preferences.
  • Email Finder: Helps users find the email addresses of companies they want to reach out to.
  • Resume Parsing: Extracts relevant information from a user's resume.
  • Lead Scoring: Ranks job openings based on the user's qualifications and preferences.
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