All AI Tools is an AI-powered tool that generates responses to guest reviews, helping businesses stand out and instill confidence in potential customers. It learns the brand voice and tone from initial inputs and crafts accurate responses instantly, resulting in a 5x jump in booking volumes and a 67% improved TripAdvisor ranking. Viff works with every website and Property/Reputation Management System, requires no integrations, and can understand and respond in over 20 languages. The first 20 responses are free, and Viff's responses are contextual, courteous, and always on-brand. Features

  • Automated Review Responses: Viff's AI model learns your brand voice and tone to generate accurate and consistent responses to guest reviews, leading to improved rankings and increased bookings.
  • Easy Integration: Viff works out of the box with every website and Property/Reputation Management System, with no integrations necessary.
  • Contextual and Courteous Responses: Viff's responses are designed to be professional and courteous, and it never says anything you wouldn't want your staff to say.
  • Personalized Responses: Viff learns your preferences and tailors responses to be on-brand and in the tone you like to engage with your guests.
  • Multilingual Support: Viff can understand and respond in more than 20 languages, responding in the same language as the review.
  • Free Trial: Viff offers a free trial of the first 20 responses, with a paid subscription required for continued use.
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