All AI Tools is a website that offers an idea generator to help users overcome writer's block and create engaging social media content. It allows users to select the type of content they want to create, their industry, and the number of prompts they want. Users can save their favorite ideas in a gallery and access them later. While it is free to use, additional features can be unlocked with premium. uses the latest information from ChatGPT3.5 to generate ideas from simple prompts. Features

  • Social Media Prompts: Get inspired with our idea generator and boost your online presence
  • Powered by ChatGPT3.5: Uses the latest information for generating ideas
  • Free to Use: Unlock additional features with premium
  • Save and Mark Ideas: Save your favorite ideas in a gallery and mark them as done
  • Easy to Use: Simply enter type of content, industry, and number of prompts needed.
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