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TradeUI is an AI-powered trading platform that offers real-time options flow, technical analysis, trading signals, and more to empower traders with data-driven insights. The platform provides an array of powerful tools to improve win rate and profit, including advanced filtering, pattern analysis, and money flow trends. TradeUI alerts traders in real-time as notable events take place on the markets and offers a visual insight into option flow and a profit loss calculator to better manage risk and reward. The platform runs from any browser, is mobile/tablet device ready, and offers a two-week trial for $2 per day.

TradeUI Features

  • Real-time Options Flow and Sweeps: Follow smart money with large orders filled quickly and stealthily across multiple exchanges
  • Advanced Filtering: Customize scanner filters to match your trading style and receive numerous trade ideas throughout the day
  • Pattern Analysis: Discover trends and patterns by digging into previous data with advanced filtering
  • Money Flow Trends: Quickly identify bullish/bearish trending tickers with top unusual sweeps breakdown by ticker and color encoding
  • Unusual Activity: Real-time stream of unusual options flow, highlighting symbols with unusual bullish or bearish flow of money
  • Mobile/Tablet Ready: Access streaming real-time data on any javascript-enabled device without downloads
  • Study Tool: Visual insight into option flow and a profit-loss calculator for better risk management
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