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Tales Factory is an AI-based web app that generates storybooks from simple text prompts. Its AI technology generates a storyline based on user inputs and creates custom illustrations. Users can also choose to add voiceover support to their storybooks. The platform allows users to publish and share their storybooks on the website and even download them as PDFs. It is user-friendly and accessible to anyone without the need for special skills or software. Tales Factory offers various genres of storybooks based on pre-made or user-generated prompts.

Tales Factory Features

  • AI Generated Storybooks: Tales Factory uses artificial intelligence to generate storybooks from user-provided text prompts.
  • Custom Illustrations: Each page in the storybook comes with a unique illustration to make the story more appealing.
  • Voiceover Support: Users can add voiceover support to their storybooks.
  • Various Genres: Users can create various genres of storybooks including fantasy, sci-fi, romance, mystery, and more.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Tales Factory is designed to be accessible to anyone without the need for any special skills or software.
  • Publish and Share: Users can publish and share their storybooks on the Tales Factory platform or download them as PDFs.
  • Community Stories: Users can browse all the stories created by the community.
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