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Sybill is an AI-powered platform that provides accurate and human-like call summaries for sales teams. It analyzes verbal and non-verbal cues during Zoom calls to understand prospect engagement and sentiment, helping sales teams improve their communication and close more deals. Sybill also offers features such as automatic call notes, deep insights, and data on content resonation to help users transform their slide decks and demos. With Sybill, sales teams can save time and increase revenue by understanding their prospects' needs and behaviors.

Sybill Features

  • Magic Summary: Automatic, accurate sales call summaries and Gong call summaries
  • Behavior AI: Insights from participant body language during calls
  • Conversational AI: Automatic call notes, sharing, and analytics
  • Marketing Partner: Aggregate insights from prospect reactions to sales decks and demos
  • Use Cases: Helps account executives, sales leaders, and marketers improve communication, coaching, and content insights
  • Integration: Works with Gong/Chorus recordings, syncs with CRM, and pushes summaries to Slack
  • Engagement & Sentiment Data: Analyze prospect engagement and sentiment to better understand their needs
  • Deal Management: Track and manage deals with deep insights in one place
  • Content Improvement: Use data to transform slide decks, demos, and messaging based on buyer personas
  • Sales Coaching: Monitor and improve sales conversations and behaviors using buyer engagement metrics
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