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SpeechText.AI is an innovative AI-powered software that converts speech to text and transcribes audio and video files in any language. With advanced features such as speaker identification, domain-specific models, and automatic punctuation, users can easily search, modify, and export their transcriptions in various formats. The software achieves a word error rate of 3.8%, making it almost as accurate as human transcriptionists. Customers can save time and money by using SpeechText.AI for transcription of interviews, medical data, conference calls, podcasts, and more. Affordable pay-as-you-go pricing plans are available, with GDPR compliance and secure data encryption.

SpeechText.AI Features

  • Speech recognition: Powerful speech-to-text technology that automatically converts voice to text in seconds
  • Multi language: Audio to text converter supports more than 30 languages and non-native speaker accents
  • Speaker Identification: Service detects which individuals spoke which words in multi-participant conversations
  • Domain-specific Models: Speech text software provides multiple domain-optimized models for increased recognition accuracy
  • Audio Search Engine: Transcription service enables users to search audio data in natural language
  • Automatic Punctuation: Audio and video transcriptions include commas, full stops, question marks, periods, etc.
  • Editing Tools: Proofreading interface helps users to edit and verify speech recognition results
  • Export Transcript: Export audio transcription results in the format of your choice (txt, pdf, docx, etc.)
  • State-of-the-Art Transcription Accuracy: Achieves a word error rate of 3.8% on the open source LibriSpeech dataset (~1000 hours of clear English speech)
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: Pay-as-you-go pricing with no monthly fee, pay only for what you use.
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