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Seamless AI is a website that offers a powerful Chrome extension designed to enhance the prospecting capabilities of sales and marketing teams. By seamlessly integrating with your browser, Seamless AI enables you to find the contact and company information you need with ease.

Seamless AI Chrome Extension Features

  • Website Search: Instantly access real-time contact information of your target prospects from any company website, saving you time and effort.
  • Automatic CRM Data Entry: Seamlessly integrate with your favorite CRM or other apps through Zapier to automate data entry and eliminate manual input.
  • Social Search: Leverage LinkedIn's advanced search functions to gather contact information and company intel, and sync them with your CRM effortlessly.
  • CRM Search: Enhance your decision-making process by finding additional points of contact within prospective companies and updating incomplete account details automatically.
  • Gmail Search: Keep your email contact information up-to-date, eliminate the hassle of searching through multiple sources, and ensure you have accurate and current emails and phone numbers for your prospects.
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