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Real Fake is an AI-powered headshot generator that offers professional-quality headshots at an affordable price. RealFake offers two payment options, 120 or 240 professional headshots, and provides access to all styles. Real Fake also offers detailed tutorials and case studies on headshot photography for real estate, modeling, and acting. Real Fake prioritizes privacy and does not store original images. If the generated images do not meet expectations, Real Fake offers a satisfaction guarantee and will generate new photos at no extra cost.

Real Fake Features

  • Privacy First: Original images are not kept to ensure user privacy 🔒
  • Professional Headshots: Over 3 million headshots generated for 7,000+ happy customers from top-tier global firms
  • Affordable: Professional headshots for as low as 9.99 EUR with payments
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% user satisfaction guarantee with the option to generate new photos at no extra cost
  • Multiple Occasions: Headshots can be used for various occasions
  • No Storage: Real Fake does not store user images
  • Data Deletion: Process for deleting user data available
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