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Prowriting is an AI-powered tool designed to help UX designers and writers create consistent, high-quality copy quickly and affordably. Developed by leading scientists, Prowriting can unify the writing style of a team, accelerate the design process by up to 50%, and save up to 80% of the budget for UX teams. With Prowriting, users can localize their copies without language barriers and proofread all UX copies instantly.

Prowriting Features

  • Automated UX Writing: Prowriting's AI creates consistent and high-quality UX copies, 10x better than ChatGPT.
  • Localization: Prowriting's AI localizes copies, breaking language barriers without the need to hire a localizer.
  • Team Writing Style: Aligns the tone of voice and terms of all copies to make them look like they're written by one person.
  • Accelerated Design: Speeds up the UX writing process by up to 50% while maintaining consistent writing style.
  • Budget-friendly: Saves up to 80% of the UX team's budget while boosting speed, quality, and scalability.
  • Proofreading: Polishes rough copy placeholders into beautiful and ready-to-use UX copies instantly, with just one click.
  • Term Alignment: Aligns all term usage instantly across the team, eliminating the need for manual review and remembering term libraries.
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