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Polyglot Media is a website that offers various AI tools to aid in language learning. These tools include a vocabulary lesson generator, vocabulary list generator, resource finder, grammar lesson generator, and reading exercise generator. Each tool has unique features to help learners improve their language skills. Polyglot Media also contains affiliate links, and users can create an account to access the tools.

Polyglot Media Features

  • Vocabulary Lesson Generator: Generates vocabulary-based language lessons with warm-up questions, vocabulary section, exercises, writing prompts, and answer keys.
  • Vocabulary List Generator: Generates vocabulary lists.
  • Resource Finder: Finds language learning resources.
  • Grammar Lesson Generator: Generates grammar-based English lessons with explanations, grammar tables, example sentences, exercises, and answer keys.
  • Reading Exercise Generator: Generates reading comprehension exercises with passages, definitions, and questions.
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