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Pickaxe offers a platform to create and embed GPT-4 apps in websites without any coding in minutes. Users can train AI to use their PDFs, websites, or documents as context for its responses and customize Pickaxes to embed them on their website, bring them into Google sheets, or access through the API. Pickaxe supports the latest generative models like GPT4, ChatGPT, GPT3, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and more. It also offers different plans with varying credits and features. Users can get help to get started and work with the team for more advanced and custom solutions.

Pickaxe Features

  • Create and Embed GPT-4 Apps: Easily create and embed AI-powered apps in your website with no coding required.
  • Train Models on Your Expertise: Use your PDF, website, or document as context for AI-generated responses.
  • Customize and Embed: Modify Pickaxes and integrate them into your website, Google Sheets, or access via API.
  • Latest Generative Models: Use GPT4, ChatGPT, GPT3, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion, and more.
  • Turn Documents into Chatbots: Train AI to provide context-aware responses based on your documents.
  • Deploy AI at Scale: Customize Pickaxes for large-scale deployment and integration.
  • Customizable Embed Designs: Modify embed designs to match your brand.
  • Prompt Sheets: Embed AI on your terms, inserting prompts when and where needed.
  • Popular and Useful Pickaxes: Access a variety of pre-built Pickaxes for different purposes, such as alternative phrasings, advice, and cover letter creation.
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