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Lintrule is a code review tool that can review code in any language. It runs on diffs and has an estimator that shows how much it costs to run Lintrule on every commit. T

o make it cheaper, it suggests running Lintrule only on pull requests, fitting more details into one rule, and using include to silo rules to certain files.

Lintrule runs rules in parallel, completing in a few seconds, and can be used in a GitHub Action. It also allows users to configure rules to run only on certain files.

Lintrule Features

  • Code Analysis: Analyzes code for bugs and issues
  • GitHub Integration: Integrates with GitHub Actions to run analysis on pull requests
  • Cost Estimator: Estimates cost of running Lintrule on codebase
  • Configurable Rules: Allows for customization of rules to run on specific files
  • False Positive Management: Provides guidance on how to reduce false positives
  • Parallel Processing: Runs analysis in parallel for faster results
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