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JenniAI is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps researchers and writers to enhance their writing capabilities. With features like AI autocomplete, in-text citations, and plagiarism checker, JenniAI is trusted by universities and businesses worldwide. It offers customization options for personalized AI generations and supports multiple languages. Users can write essays, blog posts, literature reviews, personal statements, speeches, and more with JenniAI's assistance. JenniAI also has a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure content is 100% original.

JenniAI Features

  • AI Autocomplete: Beat writer's block with AI-generated suggestions
  • In-text Citations: Jenni consults the latest research and cites in APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style
  • Paraphrase & Rewrite: Paraphrase any text in any tone. Rewrite the internet customized to you
  • Customize Styles: Choose your tone and type for personalized AI generations
  • Plagiarism Checker: Check your final document for plagiarism before exporting
  • Supports Multiple Languages: Generate text in your desired language and use the translate feature to switch between languages
  • Types of Content Jenni can Help with: Essays, blog posts, literature reviews, personal statements, stories, speeches
  • Built-in Plagiarism Checker: Check your final document for plagiarism before exporting.
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