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Hoppy Copy is an AI-powered platform that helps you write high-converting emails, 10x faster. With 50+ Email AI Templates, Advanced Editor Tools, and Spam Checker, you can generate unique campaign ideas, persuasive headlines, subject lines, and calls to action in seconds. Hoppy Copy also offers Competitor Monitoring, Content Converter, and other tools to help you write all your other marketing content.

HoppyCopy Features

  • AI Copywriter: Generate powerful copy for different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more in seconds using AI.
  • AI Copy Editor: Tweak, edit and reword email campaigns with fresh copy using advanced editor tools.
  • Sequence Planner: Write any email campaign in seconds using 50+ Email AI Templates.
  • Competitor Monitoring: Access thousands of emails sent from top brands and track a new brand's email strategy in real-time.
  • Spam Checker: Automatically identify and substitute spam keywords to improve email deliverability.
  • Content Converter: Repurpose content from any source for email campaigns, tweets, texts, and more using the Content Converter.
  • Multi-Purpose: In addition to email marketing, Hoppy Copy can be used to generate content for Facebook & Google Ads, product descriptions, AIDA framework, creative story, and headlines.
  • Free Trial: 7-day free trial available without the need for a credit card.
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