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Elephas is the world's first AI writer that works across your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. With Elephas, you can streamline your writing process and generate professional content in minutes. Load data from popular sources, rewrite content to different tones, and fix grammar mistakes across your applications. Elephas also supports multiple languages, making it a versatile tool for any writer. Plus, with a 30-day free trial and low monthly costs, Elephas is the productivity powerhouse you've been looking for. Sign up today and let Elephas transform the way you work.

Elephas Features

  • AI Writer: A writing assistant that works across Apple devices, supports personalization, and helps with creating high-quality content in various forms such as emails, proposals, cover letters, social media posts, blogs, headlines, and technical content. It uses GPT-3 and can load data from a variety of popular sources.
  • Super-Command Bar: Allows the user to execute any task such as filling out Google Sheets, summarizing articles, and writing articles quickly.
  • Chat Feature: The AI assistant can chat with the user and provide insights or write an article.
  • Content Rewrite Modes: Elephas has three content rewrite modes, including Zinsser mode that helps create clutter-free, professional content.
  • Multiple Writing Presets: Elephas can write 15 different types of content with powerful presets, such as copy, formulas, or instructions, which can be triggered using Spotlight Search.
  • Grammar Fixer: Elephas fixes grammar mistakes across applications to improve the quality of writing.
  • Presentation Generator: Elephas can create a Keynote presentation in 30 seconds by simply giving a title.
  • Flexible Payment: Users have to pay their usage costs to OpenAI, which is about $1 per month, plus $5 for Elephas. No monthly credits are needed.
  • Language Support: Elephas supports multiple popular languages for most features except Rewrite.
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