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DoNotPay is the ultimate legal information and self-help platform. With DoNotPay, you can fight corporations, beat bureaucracy, find hidden money, and even sue anyone. You can also easily cancel your free trials, get compensation for victims of crime, and find unclaimed money. DoNotPay provides a wide range of services including legal documents, online fax, and even price gouging protection. Sign up or sign in today and start taking control of your legal and financial affairs.

DoNotPay Features

  • Free Trials: Cancels automatic renewal on free trials to prevent unwanted charges
  • Refunds: Provides assistance on obtaining refunds for various services or products
  • Unban Account: Helps users appeal account bans on various websites and platforms
  • Fight Corporations: Helps users fight against corporations for various issues, including lawsuits
  • Beat Bureaucracy: Assists users with paperwork and bureaucracy related to legal processes
  • Find Hidden Money: Helps users find unclaimed money and other financial resources
  • Automatically Cancel Your Free Trials: Automates the process of canceling subscription-based free trials.
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