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Delineate is a platform that offers data solutions for revenue, product, and data and analytics teams. It provides features such as sales forecasting, churn prediction, lead scoring, and data cleaning and preparation. Delineate lets users to create ETL pipelines with ease and integrate data products directly into their website. Delineate offers a free trial for paid plans and provides integrations with over 300 platforms. Delineate aims to help users unlock their data's potential and make informed decisions to improve their business.

Delineate Features

  • Sales forecasting: Predict future sales to make better hiring and spending decisions
  • Churn prediction: Identify factors that lead to customer churn and reduce it
  • Customer facing data products: Easily build and integrate data products into your website
  • Ad campaign optimization: Predict high-value customers and target ad campaigns towards them
  • Business dashboards: Prepare and enrich data in real-time for interactive dashboards
  • Lead scoring: Prioritize and identify the most qualified leads for sales efforts
  • Report generation: Organize and clean data to create professional reports for stakeholders
  • Lead enrichment: Enrich lead data with predictive models for insight and improved close rates
  • Customer lifetime value prediction: Identify customers likely to make repeat purchases for retention efforts
  • Upsell opportunity identification: Identify upsell opportunities to increase revenue and customer satisfaction
  • Data cleaning and preparation: Improve data quality and accuracy by cleaning and transforming data from multiple sources
  • ETL pipelines: Create ETL pipelines with ease to merge, transform, and load data to any destination
  • Integrations: Easily integrate with over 300 platforms and databases
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