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Deepfakes App is an online deepfake tool accessible through cloud service. It allows high-quality face swapping, for entertainment, gaming, satire, and culture. You can reuse the trained AI model to improve deepfake quality or create more videos without re-training. Results depend on the quality and length of the input video. The video has a visible watermark and clear traces of manipulations to clarify that it's fake.

Deepfakes Web Features

  • Online Deepfake Software: Deepfakes App is an online deepfake software that operates in the cloud. By uploading videos, the app uses AI to create deepfakes with the click of a button.
  • Data Privacy: Only the user has access to their learning data, videos and images. Deepfakes App does not share user information with any third parties or publish users' videos in any way.
  • Reusable models: Users can reuse their trained model to improve the face swapping quality of their videos without having to retrain their AI models.
  • Watermark and Traces of Manipulation: Every deepfake created on the website bears a clear watermark that indicates that it is a deepfake. Deepfake App also leaves clear traces of manipulation in the video data, making it easy to identify the video as a fake.
  • Responsible Use: To ensure responsible use of deepfake technology, the website intentionally limits its applications to entertainment, gaming, satire, and culture. Deepfakes Web takes care to ensure that deepfake videos can be enjoyed while still maintaining imperfections that make them easily identifiable as fake.
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