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CodeBaby offers avatars that use emotional intelligence alongside artificial intelligence to provide a more engaging and effective customer service experience.

CodeBaby's avatars use natural language processing, audio and visual engagement, and personalization to improve outcomes, accessibility, and retention. Avatars can be used in e-learning, form completion, remote patient monitoring, and FAQ pages.

CodeBaby Features

  • Emotional Intelligence: CodeBaby avatars use emotional intelligence to make it easier and more effective to serve customers by adding empathy to the user experience, increasing connection and engagement.
  • Visual Engagement: Animated characters increase engagement over traditional chatbots or IVRs and lead to better understanding and retention of information.
  • Accessibility: CodeBaby avatar interfaces are built to be WCAG compliant and can improve a site's accessibility standards compliance by helping reach every user.
  • Personalization: Integrating the avatar with internal systems or third-party tools can add to personalization by using context and customer insight to detect what the customer has been doing on the site or asking the avatar.
  • Video Output: CodeBaby offers the ability to output avatar "scenes" as transparent WebM video for integration into static content such as e-learning lessons or marketing materials.
  • Multiple Communication Options: Avatars let users choose how they want to communicate, whether through text or speech, increasing accessibility and helping neuro-divergent users.
  • Avatar Advantages: By providing an audio option for communication, avatars broaden the audience that can use a chat experience. They also offer tailorability to a brand through character design, clothing, or other elements to extend the brand.
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