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Botika's AI technology helps online fashion retailers to enhance their business and brand by generating an infinite amount of high-quality photos using virtual models. With Botika, you can diversify your fashion models, optimize them for optimal performance, and turn existing photos into endless hyper-realistic images. This will help you create a consistent brand experience, optimized per market or item, and drive more traffic to your online store, resulting in increased sales. Botika's intuitive, cloud-based, AI solution is tailored to meet fashion ecommerce retailers' needs and is backed by a team of experts with vast experience in Computer vision, AI, and Media.

Botika Features

  • Virtual models: Botika offers an AI-powered solution to create an endless variety of apparel photos with unlimited AI-generated models, helping online retailers to optimize their product photos and create a consistent brand experience that's optimized per market or item.
  • Model diversity It enables the user to easily introduce model diversity so shoppers can see themselves in their clothes and relate to their brand. Also, fast market expansion is supported with model localization.
  • Hyper-realistic images: Botika's AI technology allows users to turn existing photos into endless hyper-realistic images and change models based on facial expression, skin tone, hairstyle, background, and more – with a click of a button.
  • Boost business performance: By leveraging the diversity of models and AI technology, users can elevate their brand with a unique, high-quality look and feel, drive more traffic to their online store, and boost sales.
  • Inclusive pricing: Botika has different pricing plans based on the number of photo credits per month, credit rollover, processing time, and number of models, making it a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Target audience: Botika's services are tailored to ecommerce & marketing executives and studio managers & creative directors who want to leverage fashion tech and AI to stand out from the competition and meet their business targets.
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