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Introducing AI Roguelite, the world's first text-based RPG where every location, NPC, enemy, item, crafting recipe, and game mechanic is 100% determined by artificial intelligence. Explore a truly infinite world with AI-generated entities, crafting recipes, and combat. Every entity gets an illustration generated by Stable Diffusion technology using either your GPU or the cloud.

AI Roguelite Features

  • Multiple languages: AI Roguelite offers support for many different languages.
  • Game categories: AI Roguelite includes a variety of game categories, including Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Simulation, Strategy, and Sports & Racing.
  • AI Roguelite: AI Roguelite features a new game called AI Roguelite, which is the world's first text-based RPG where every aspect of the game is determined by artificial intelligence.
  • Easy access to community content: AI Roguelite contains links to various community groups and forums where users can join discussions, find support, and share their own content.
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