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Willy is an eCommerce operating system that provides a range of tools for businesses to grow and optimize their online presence. Their unique features include Pixel, which injects first-party data into campaigns, and Lighthouse, which uses AI to detect anomalies and provide insights. Willy also offers resources such as a blog, guides, and webinars, as well as a directory of partners. Triple Whale is based in Jerusalem, Israel.

Willy Features

  • Products: View all meaningful data from a customizable dashboard, inject campaigns with first-party data, track influencer & affiliate campaigns, and get AI-driven anomaly detection, insights, and recommendations.
  • Resources: Access industry-leading DTC blog, guides/case studies, Triple Whale University, podcasts, webinars, and a comprehensive list of all Triple Whale features.
  • Partners: Become a tech or agency partner, explore the expanding ecosystem of integrations, search for agency partners, and get a tour of Triple Whale.
  • Whale Mail: Receive award-winning tips and strategies directly to your inbox.
  • Powered By: Access pricing, knowledge base, YouTube channel, integrations, agency partners, and attribution modeling resources.
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