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Sumly AI is a service that provides high-quality AI-generated summaries of popular podcasts, reviewed by humans to ensure accuracy. With a subscription, users receive summaries straight to their inbox within 24 hours of an episode's release. The service is ideal for busy professionals, students, and podcast lovers who want to stay current on their favorite shows and discover new ones. A 7-day free trial is available, and the library includes "Huberman Lab," "Lex Fridman Podcast," and "The Tim Ferriss Show," with more podcasts added regularly.

Sumly AI Features

  • AI-generated Podcast Summaries: Get high-quality summaries of your favorite podcasts using the latest AI technology, reviewed by humans to ensure quality.
  • Personalized Subscription: Subscribe to Sumly.AI and gain access to a treasure trove of podcast summaries, with new episodes delivered straight to your inbox in less than 24 hours.
  • Free Trial: Enjoy a 7-day free trial before committing to a monthly subscription fee.
  • Podcast Library: Sumly.AI summarizes popular podcasts such as "Huberman Lab", "Lex Fridman Podcast", and "The Tim Ferriss Show", and is constantly adding more to its library.
  • Easy to Use: Sumly.AI makes it easy to catch up on episodes you missed and get all the important information in a few minutes.
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