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IngestAI offers an efficient and precise way to fine-tune AI models for content generation and search. With prompt engineering, users can get results comparable to fine-tuned models without requiring a large dataset. Additionally, IngestAI allows for the customization of AI models using unique and current content, leading to more accurate and predictable responses. The platform also offers AI search capabilities and seamless integration with popular messaging and social apps. Save time and work more efficiently with IngestAI.

IngestAI Features

  • Fine-tune AI: IngestAI offers prompt engineering as an alternative to fine-tuning models for efficient and precise responses. Users can prompt the AI to answer or generate content the way they want.
  • Customize AI on Your Data: Tailor AI/LLM models with your specific content to create custom virtual assistants or integrate them seamlessly into your website or messaging platforms.
  • AI Search: IngestAI offers semantic, generative, and hybrid search options for improved productivity and informed decision-making.
  • Connect to Anything: IngestAI can integrate with popular messaging and social apps such as Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and MS Teams, and API endpoints allow for seamless connectivity with an array of data sources.
  • User Metrics: Users can view their queries made, AI tools built, and team members on the platform.
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