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Create engaging content effortlessly with Gamma. Say goodbye to tedious formatting and design work with one-click templates and no-code editing. Use Gamma's powerful AI generator to create presentations, documents, or web pages in under a minute. Customize your content with flexible templates, embeds, and interactive apps. Measure engagement with built-in analytics and get quick feedback with reactions and comments. Gamma helps you break down complex ideas into bite-sized, interactive combos of words, visuals, and video that aid in comprehension. Get creative with narrations or recordings and keep your content simple and easy to understand.

Gamma Features

  • One-click Templates: Gamma offers one-click templates to create polished content without the need for formatting and design work.
  • Flexible templates: Users can use a flexible template to work faster and re-style their entire deck in just one click.
  • Embed Anything: It allows users to embed interactive content such as GIFs, videos, charts, websites, etc. to make their presentations engaging and interactive.
  • Present Mode: Gamma offers present mode to get the point across with nested cards and share online with publishing and analytics.
  • Built-in Analytics: Gamma comes with built-in analytics to measure engagement and get quick feedback through comments.
  • Bite-sized Interactive Combos: Gamma helps users break down their ideas into bite-sized, interactive combos of words, visuals, video, and embeds for better comprehension.
  • Infinitely Adaptable Cards: Gamma cards are infinitely adaptable, allowing users to get creative with narrations or recordings.
  • Gamma Memos: Gamma memos are self-guided and stand-alone content that can be presented. Users can create memos quickly and gather more context as needed.
  • More Visual than Docs, More Collaborative than Slide Decks: Gamma offers a fresh alternative to PowerPoint decks, making presentations more visual than traditional docs, more collaborative than slide decks, and more interactive than a video.
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