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Buildt is an AI tool designed to help developers easily search and understand large codebases. Unlike other code search tools that rely on simple string matching, Buildt uses a fine-tuned LLM to map your codebase and provide a better than human understanding of any codebase. With Buildt, you can ask questions about your own project as if an expert was next to you. Try out our VS code extension to experience the ease of use.

Buildt Features

  • AI-powered Code Search Tool: Buildt is an AI tool that allows developers to search and understand large codebases by querying what code does, not just what it contains.
  • Advanced Code Search Functionality: Buildt's AI-powered search functionality is far better than simple string matching and allows developers to ask very vague questions about their own project as if an expert was next to them.
  • Codebase Mapping and Full File Codegen: By thoroughly understanding the user's codebase, Buildt AI is able to perform full file Codegen across the project, eliminating the need to tab line by line.
  • VS Code Extension: The easiest way to try out Buildt is to install their VS code extension.
  • Ephemeral and Secure: Buildt's promise is that code is only on their server when the user's codebase is first indexed. They never store a copy of the user's codebase.
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